Welcome to the Starry World!

English version of my book Unicorns of Starry World – Magnificent Bedtime Story is almost ready for production. 

Before printing the book, I would still need some help from you. 

Since these books are self-published I would like to get certain amount of orders before I will make an order to printing house.

After I have got enough orders (minimum 100 books), it will take approximately 3 weeks to print the books.


More about the book

The Unicorns of Starry World is just the cutest book, where a wonderful story and beautiful pictures create their own amazing world! This book will entertain both listener and the reader.

We all need a sprinkle of stardust!

Unicorns Finley and Noops live in the Starry World. These sweet Unibon unicorns have a special task; they spread their cheerful, magical unicorn powers, and make everybody feel joyful.

Little Elliot feels lonely and has trouble falling asleep. He wishes that somebody would read him a bedtime story. Luckily, the butterflies Dreamy and Amy pass on the wish to the unicorns, who comes to help Elliot.

The book is 21 x 21 cm and contains more than 42 colorful pages. The age recommendation for the book is 3+

Written by: Erja Heinämäki Salonaho
Book illustration: Veera Aro
Publisher: Miniature Unicorns / Erja Heinämäki Salonaho

Thank you for your interest for my book, I hope it will give you as much joy as it has give to me!
Erja Heinämäki Salonaho
Miniature Unicorns