These cute miniature horses might be tiny but they have a big heart and lot to give for everbody.

We visit different kind of events, birthday parties, elderly homes and many other places, mostly in Finland.


Fille and Nuutti (Finley and Noops) are now also having adventures in their own children’s book!


You can order our book UNICORNS OF STARRY WORLD – MAGNIFICENT BEDTIME STORY from this site.

" Fille "

Marielunds Incredible Grand Finale

American miniature horse / gelding / born: 2012

Fille charms everyone with his long eyelashes and his curious nature! Fille likes most of the big events, where he can be the center of attention.

" Nuutti "

SSF Suchabuch Chinook

American miniature horse / gelding / born: 2013

Nuutti is a little bit more shy, but he melts everyone’s hearts with his soft touch. Nuutti is perfect for photo shoots and eldery homes as he has the right patient to stand still for longer periods.

" Maya "

MJ Pretty Blue Sayuri Winsemall

American miniature horse / mare / born 2017

Maya is particularly small, but she makes up for her size with her big character! Maya is newest member of or team but she will be joining some of the events during 2023.

Erja Heinämäki Salonaho

The owner of Miniature Unicorns

I am living in Helsinki, Finland and I have had miniature horse since 2017. Horses and horseback riding have been my hobby over 30 years and eventually I started to work in horse events. Between 2013 and 2023 I was working all over the world, mostly in show office and accreditation plus I was a freelance groom. Now in 2023 I´m looking for something new, but still keep working with my own brand; Miniature Unicorns.